evil dick cheney

I had a weird, bad dream. On my way home, I saw a couple of mentally disabled people jogging. One of them fell down and I heard a shot. Later, I was called in to talk to the police. It turned out that they had been carrying a gun and accidentally shot someone – or so everyone thought, including Dick Cheney and his bodyguard, who were there. For some reason.

Well, after some discussion, it turned out that in fact Dick Cheney’s bodyguard had shot the guy, on purpose. Dick had the bodyguard (who looked something like Sawyer from Lost) explain that it was the bodyguard’s fault: he was a little wrong in the head, and was overreacting. It was relatively clear to everyone in the room (except maybe the free-to-go retarded couple) that Dick hard ordered a hit. The cops grudgingly let everyone go, letting the murderer go with a warning.

Later, when I returned to the secure, undisclosed location in which Dick and I lived, I witnessed him arguing with his bodyguard. A gun came out and they struggled. Finally, the vice president managed to shoot the guy in the face, making quite a mess. “Yaaaaaa,” he shouted, sounding something like Burgess Meredith the Penguin, “Everybody see what I done?” He was proud of it, until the first people to show up were the guy’s two kids.

Cheney shambled away, ending up alone in an elevator with me. His face was bloody, he was wearing a dressing gown (how Dickensian!), and he still had his gun. He mumbled some sort of complaint about “kids,” and then I woke up.

Written on February 10, 2006
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