spotlight is almost entirely useless

I want to be able to get a listing of all upcoming iCal events in a list like this:

Shave the Dog - in 1 day

File for Unemployment - in 2 days

Head Transplant - in 2 days

iCal can’t do this. I thought, “Hey, maybe I finally have a use for Spotlight.” I opened a Find interface in Finder and try to figure out what to do. It took about five minutes for the “Other” kind input to let me type in “iCal Event.”

Then the iCal events show up after another minute or two (hey, weren’t this already indexed?). Their names all list as 2DCEFC62-459F-11D9-97C4-0003938972DC-RID%2F-.icalevent

Are you freaking kidding me?

Written on November 19, 2005
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💾 software
🤤 stupid