wireless tivo

As long as we’ve had our TiVo, it’s been connected to our network by a long cat-5 cable that runs across the living room, through the library, and into the office. Tonight, John asked if I wanted to tag along on a trip to Best Buy. I did, just for kicks, but I had a quick look through the networking aisle and found a cheap 802.11g USB adapter with a “TiVo Compatible!” sticker on it. It was only $30 after rebates, so I bought it.

It’s connected, now, and seems to be working just fine. The only problem is that to make it work I had to switch our network to WEP. TiVo still doesn’t support WPA.

I sure do like TiVo, but why do they always seem so behind the times?

Written on September 4, 2005
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