saturday indulgences

Today was pretty relaxed, as Saturdays should be. We split a chocolate coconut milkshake, walked around downtown just a little, and came home to do some DVD watching. First we watched disc two of season two of Dead Like Me. It bugs me that they cancelled this show, especially because I’m assuming that the last episode won’t wrap things up. (Please don’t tell me, thanks.)

After episode eight, we took a little nap and then headed out for dinner. We went to the new steaks and shakes place, Hogeez. I got a full hoagie, which was seven bucks and huge. It seemed to be about fourteen inches long, and I ate the whole thing without feeling overfull. The vegetarian options were… well, there were not. Gloria got some pierogies. It was a good sub, but we probably won’t go back.

We watched the latest Battlestar Galactica episode, which was good, and Cyborg 2, which was not. Someone I know suggested that I’d like Cyborg 2. I remember the conversation because when I said that I hadn’t seen Cyborg, I was told that it didn’t matter. I can’t remember who told me this, though; if it was you, let me know. You won’t get in trouble. I’m just very, very disappointed in you. (I’m also disappointed in Jack Palance, thought I don’t know why. He’s certainly made his share of lousy movies.)

I’d hoped that Cyborg would have come during the week, and that we would have had the first disc of Profit (the TV series) this weekend. As of yesterday, Netflix showed “very long wait,” but now it’s back to shipping. Maybe they acquried more copies. I’m looking forward to seeing that show, as I’ve heard many good things.

Written on September 11, 2005
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