oscon bound

Gloria and I slept in, today. More accurately, I slept in, and when she got back from working the four to eight a.m. shift at the gym, Gloria got back in bed with me while I finished out my one to ten shift in bed. She made waffles, I packed, and we went to Mass. (This morning’s Mass was sort of disjointed. I think we should try for the 10:30 next week. It is the Cadillac of Masses.)

At about two thirty we left home and picked up John, who was going to provide Gloria some company on the drive back. We all went over to Fogelsville for Cracker Barrel and ate. John had never been to a Cracker Barrel, which was sad. Lunch was pretty good, but not amazing, but I think it was where I wanted to go, so I’m happy with how lunch went. When we arrived, someone was having a loud conversation over his Nextel phone. He’d yell into it, and it would yell back. I know from experience that those phones have a private mode that uses the normal earpiece. I guess he didn’t know this, because he wouldn’t have been shouting if he knew he could avoid it, right?

We ended up getting to the airport around five, and it took me about two minutes to get my ticket. I really like those ATM-like Easy Checkin terminals. I walked up, swiped some ID, and it printed tickets for me. I figured I’d be sitting at the gate momentarily, but when I got to the security area, I was blown away. The line to get through security must have been at least six or seven hundred feet long. (That’s about 180 to 210 meters.) Despite the length of the lines, though, they moved pretty quickly, and I was through in about half an hour. My gate was pretty empty (not many other people wanted to arrive two hours early, I guess), so I had the time and opportunity to find a seat near a well-hidden electrical outlet.

So far, I’ve just been sitting here puttering about. I read some articles I’d been meaning to get to, I reviewed some plans, and I tried to compile GNU CLisp. I’m a little irked that I can’t get CLisp to compile, because I was looking forward to using it while reading Practical Common Lisp on the plane. I know I had GNU CL working on Mac OS 10.3, but maybe there are 10.4 issues. It seems to want GNU Readline, but I’m just not motivated enough to look into it. (Maybe Tiger is using Readline 5. I’ll figure it out later.)

I thought about paying the $10 for a wireless connection, but $10 is just way too much money for an hour and a half of connectivity. What I need to do is get my v180 set up to act as a modem. Also, making sure I can still use Speakeasy for dialup would be a good idea.

I suppose I’ll look at Python things on the plane, instead. I am pondering trying to write Test.Builder in Python, which should be simple, I think. It might at least help me get a better practical grip on the language. I’ve also got some Kwiki hacking to do, but I’ll write an entry just for that.

For now, I think I’ll put knave back to sleep and get ready to board.

Written on August 1, 2005
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