nexting out of loops via sub calls

12:19  * rjbs wants macros in Perl. 12:19 rjbs: Lisp-style? :) 12:19 of course 12:20  * rjbs wants a simple expression that can evaluate to "warn and next" 12:20 (loop-assert cond message) 12:21 which would become (unless (cond) (warn message) (next)) 12:22 sub `loop_assert { my ($cond,$warn) = @_; unless($cond) { warn $warn; next } } 12:22 heh 12:24 er... wait... 12:24 that works!?  next will propagate up the call stack? 12:24 how did I not ever know this? 12:24 That's what the ` is for :) 12:24 no, but it seems to do so already 12:25  * rjbs tests more thoroughly. 12:25 Yeah can use loop control in a subroutine but you will get a warning too. 12:26 hell, I'll use "no warnings" for that.

So, yes. If you call a sub inside a loop, and the sub calls next (without the next call being inside an interior loop) the next will propagate up the call stack. There’s a warning, but “no warnings ‘exiting’” will quash it.


Written on August 18, 2005
🐪 perl
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