my plane crash

I had a dream, last night, that Casey got me a job working with him at his new gig. I worked at a small desk pushed together with his and Uri’s. Our boss looked like Wilford Brimley, and knew it. He’d walk up to us and say, “What’s for breakfast?” I felt bad about ditching Pobox, but I guess I really wanted to work for Wilford Brimley.

Anyway, work sent me on a trip to Japan. My parents agreed to give me a lift to the airport, but we didn’t leave home until an hour before my flight, which was leaving Newark. Somehow, we got there in time and everyone got me rushed through security, and I boarded. On the airplane, I was talking to the stewardess, who said, “You know the chimes you hear in the cabin? We can use those to communicate to the cockpit. There are all kinds of patterns, even this…” and then she played Ipanema (I think) on the little in-cabin chimes.

Immediately, the plane started to circle, and then to descend and land. (For some reason, I think we were over Ontario.) We made a very rough landing, and a few passengers were injured or maybe killed. No one knew what happened or why the plane landed, except me. Somehow I found out that Ipanema was the signal for the discovery of a growing puncture in the fuselage. I called Gloria and my parents to let them know I was OK, since I was sure they would have heard about the crash.

The airline got me onto another plane, with a lot of the other passengers, and I decided I’d have to tell the news media about what happened. Another passenger got wind of my suspicions and wanted in on the glory of reporting it to the world. I think he looked like Don Knotts. I was using my cell phone (which was not the cell phone I have in waking life) to try to find a way to contact CNN via SMS. I’m not sure if that worked out.

I really can’t remember anything else from my dream, but it was pretty long and detailed while I was dreaming it.

Written on August 17, 2005
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