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Putting plugins into Kwiki installations is fun, and usually as easy as eating pie. I installed a bunch at work last night, and I think I’ll install some of them at home, tomorrow. Today, though, I did a little more work on tweaking the ones I like best (or need more): Kwiki::Keywords and Kwiki::Edit::RequireUserName.

As I told cdent: keywords rule and categories drool. While cleaning up the work wiki, I found a quote from C2’s page on wiki categories, and it’s just so primitive compared to auto-backlinks and keywords! I had given Chris patches to make keywords respect pages’ writability and to optionally ditch the (to me repellant) auto-tagging with editors’ names. Those patches got integrated and released today, after a bit of fighting with TT2 and my is_writable munging. I’m excited to see it out, now (0.13), because I will use it everywhere.

The is_writable wrangling was in Kwiki::Edit::RequireUserName. I’d forgotten how that whole thing had played out, and forgetting is bad. See, I originally wrote Kwiki::RequireLogin, which basically said “if the current user isn’t logged in, pages aren’t writable.” This caused the Edit button to go away, and made editing impossible, which is just what I wanted. Unfortunately, if an anonymous user clicked on a link to a missing page, it would begin an infinite loop: go to the missing page; it isn’t there, so edit it; you can’t, so view it; it isn’t there…

Well, that sucked.

Written on August 12, 2005
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