good help is hard to find

We headed to Mr. V’s this morning for breakfast. Mister V’s Blues Cafe is in the site where Hack’s was; they’ve been open for about a month now, and this was our third trip there. I wanted to get eggs, sausage, toast, and grits.

We hung around in the vestibule for a while before some tables opened up. We sat down and the waitress took the order of a couple of ladies who came in after us. (Directly after us, to be fair.) Then she took the order of a couple who had come in before us. Then she wandered around for a while. The hostess (or some higher-ranking woman) asked whether our order had been taken, and I said, “No.” So, she talked to the waitress, who walked around for a while more. Finally, completely sick of it, we got up and walked out. As we walked past the waitress, who was standing near the entrance, she said, “I apologize, guys.”

What the hell? Next time, don’t need to apologize. Just ask us what we’d like! Hack’s used to take ages to serve our food, but it took no time to get our drinks and get our order in.

We walked down the block to Billy’s. It cost a few bucks extra, but we got served quickly, and I got scrapple. I’ll go back to V’s again, sometime, but not when they’re busy, and probably not if that waitress is on duty.

Written on August 13, 2005
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