coke zero

I’ve been drinking a lot of Coke Zero lately, despite my previously stated goal of evil-corporation-avoidance. Coke Zero is basically zero calorie Coke Classic. It tastes like Coke Classic, not like Diet Coke. I can get it, in Bethlehem, at 7-11, Wawa, gas stations or the grocery. Yesterday I stopped at the Wawa at 11th and Arch (I think) in Philadelphia and they didn’t have any. Everyone I asked about it at work assumed I meant Diet Coke with Splenda (the third Diet Coke), and hadn’t seen Coke Zero.

Is this another test product, like the unspeakably awful Pepsi Kona tested in the Lehigh Valley in the mid-nineties? (Why doesn’t list “nineties” as a word?) There’s a Coke Zero web site, but it seems to all be about Coke Zero Juche Ideal, rather than the product. I am sick of corporate “product as feeling” marketing, but for now I am not sick of Coke Zero.

Written on August 17, 2005
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