npr to podcast?

Podcasting is sort of an interesting idea, I guess, but there aren’t any podcasts I feel really interested in hearing. The only thing I regularly listen to is NPR. Right now, NPR has RSS feeds. Each feed headline leads to a web page that summarizes the article and has a link to a Real Media or WMP audio stream.

I would most like to listen to NPR while riding the bus to or from work, but I can’t listen to a stream when there’s no network. So, downloadable content would be great.

The other day, as I was looking at their page so I could get at some streamed articles, I saw a little “POD” link, which takes me to a page telling me that “NPR is in the process of developing a comprehensive podcasting plan.” Excellent! Hopefully it won’t stink, and maybe once I’m using my RSS reader to get NPR audio, I’ll feel like start listening to other podcasts that wouldn’t have been inspiring enough to get me to use podcasts on their own.

Written on July 13, 2005
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