my birthday and its prelude

What a day! Work was super busy, in part for reasons unknown and in part because Dieter is out of town, so if something breaks there is a big amount of learning required. It’s something like: find what broke, learn how it should work, learn how it’s supposed to be fixed, learn why that doesn’t work, then learn how to actually fix it. Looking back on the day, from the eleventh hour, it sort of looks like it was fun. I remember, though, that earlier today I was feeling really frustrated.

It’s all better now, though, more or less. Having a full, busy day of work leaves me feeling extra-relaxed when it’s all over. I took a while to wind down, mostly in the car on the way to Spanish, but then I felt good and laid back. After class, Gloria picked me up and took me out to dinner. We went to Golden Gate (my favorite diner) and I had one of my favorites: the deluxe bacon double cheeseburger. It was surprisingly good today, too. It was moist, not overdone, and the lettuce was really crisp. I had some onion rings and pumpkin pie, too. It was a good dinner.

On the way home we stopped at my parents’ place, where I found that mom bought me a raspberry cheesecake. I think we’ll save that until the weekend.

With regard to new stuff that I possess as a result of getting older, here are the things: Jeeves in the Morning (I read it, it was good), Dereliction of Duty (I haven’t read it yet), a St. Joseph’s Sunday Missal (it’s nice), the Farscape special, the Office special, Operation: Livecrime, Sly Cooper 2, and Lego Star Wars.

I am looking forward to finding a way to get Gloria to watch Livecrime with me!

I played some Sly 2 yesterday, and it was as fun as I remembered. What a fine game! Tonight I played a little more Lego SW, and it, too, was great fun. I finished Episode 2 tonight, which means I’ve finished the whole game in story mode. Now I get to work on collectables! Only 130 more Kstuds before I can unlock Darth Sidious. I unlocked the gonk droid, just for fun. If you think you don’t remember him: remember the droid in the original trilogy that looked exactly like a 7-11 trash can? Yeah, that one.

I also went down to Moravian and got myself some books, using my birthday discount. I don’t really know why, since Amazon would have been cheaper, and I’m still pissed at Moravian about their suckage. Oh well, I got some good-looking books: Slaughterhouse Five (I read it Monday, it was great), Carioca Fletch, and The Eyre Affair. I’m looking forward to the Eyre Affair quite a bit. It sounds completely wild.

I’m sure I have more to say, but I’m feeling completely exhausted, so I’m turning in now.

Written on July 21, 2005
🏷 books
👾 videogame
🏷 work