reqiuem in pax, dr. girlfriend

Doctor Girlfriend died today at exactly one o’clock.

He hadn’t been eating much for the last few days, and by last night was basically ignoring all his food, even when hand-fed to him. This morning, Gloria took him in to the vet. Pigs are pigs, and should act like it, eating whenever they can; this was very strange.

The vet did an x-ray, and found a large calcium deposit in his urinary tract. His bladder was distended, and he clearly hadn’t been able to pass anything in a while. This was making him nervous and very uncomfortable. An operation was possible, but very expensive, and especially risky because of his young age.

My friend Jeff from work gave me a lift to the animal hospital. Doctor Girlfriend got a small injection, and Gloria and I sat with him as he went to sleep. It was very fast.

Written on May 2, 2005
🏷 guineapigs