my weekend as a bum

I should really be trying to uber-prep for the new job tomorrow, but instead I am making the most of my weekend of unemployment.

Yesterday we had our bonus session of the Park Tool School. That’s the bike repair course I was taking. We covered headsets and spokes, which was a lot of fun. It was more fun for me than for two of my classmates, who had problems. Denise found that the Dura-Ace in her Trek 5500 was nicely rusted, and Dave’s loose-packed headset bearings got scattered around the floor. I tried to be helpful, since my own headset is sealed and integrated, and took nearly no effort to disassemble and reassemble.

Damion made spokes seem much less scary than I feared, but I’m not sure if that’s because they are, or because we only discussed adjustment and not wheel-building. Of course, I have no intention of building a wheel any time soon, so that’s not so bad.

After that, I played a bunch of Paper Mario, which I’ve re-rented from GameFly. It’s still really good. I got just about to the very end before needing a break. I watched some TiVo until Gloria got back from yoga, and we went out for lunch. During our late lunch, Bad Andy called and we made plans to get more Greek food for dinner. Of course, by dinnertime we weren’t hungry yet, so we just got some kalamari, which were pretty good. We hung out with Andy and some of his friends, and had a good time.

After Mass, we’ll probably get our final Greek food of the season, a serving of loukoumades, which are something like little doughnut holes soaked in warm honey. They’re awesome.

Today we’re going to go to the afternoon Mass, as it’s the jubilee Mass for one of our priests. (That is, it’s the 25th anniversary of his ordination.) In the meantime, we’ve been chilling out with the pigs, and half-watching some TV. I played a lot of Paper Mario, working my way through the Pit of 100 Trials, which has no savepoints. I died somewhere around 78, losing at least 90 minutes of progress. This was extremely dissatisfying.

Oh, and one note vaguely related to my new job: the dress code is “please wear clothes,” so last night I picked up some new shorts. I am excited at the prospect of avoiding pants whenever possible, this summer.

Written on May 15, 2005
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