first day at pobox

Today was my first day at pobox! It was a short day, work-wise, as I basically worked from noon to five. For most of the next two weeks, or so, I’ll be working more like nine to five, which should be good. It should, that is, provide more knowledge-acquisition time.

Today started with acquiring, placing, and setting up a desk. My workspace is nice and simple, but I’m looking forward to having a nice wireless keyboard. I’m using a Tactile Pro, which is an Apple-like USB keyboard. It’s got clicky keys, like the old Apple Extended Keyboard, and the keycaps are printed with the symbols you get by holding the option key. I’ve heard awesome things about this keyboard, but after a little use, I don’t really like it. Maybe it’s because this one is missing a leg, but I don’t think so. Time will tell.

We went to a Mexican place for lunch, where I got a really tasty quesadilla and two bottles of Jarritos guava soda. (They didn’t have tamarind.) Unfortunately, it’s got a bottlecap, and I had no opener. I forgot that it wasn’t a twist-off until we’d already gone a block or two. I also need to acquire a teapot for making tea, since I’ve got a few really awesome-smelling samples from Alan that I have yet to try.

On the way down, I started reading Awake At Work. It’s said a few things that seem like good advice, but mostly it’s sort of generic self-help stuff. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow and move on to Fletch Too. After that, I’m not sure. At lunch, Helen was talking about a book club to which she belongs, and the idea of an office book club was floated. This sounded, to me, like a Fine Idea. It’s also made me think that I should try to figure out which books, on my shelves, I should consider officialy enqueuing. I think I’ll do that now.

Written on May 17, 2005
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