picking a new phone

My job has provided me with a phone for the past few years. It’s sort of a piece of crap. It’s a Motorola i90c, one of the Nextel PTT phones. It’s gigantic and has a really lousy set of features, like most of the Nextel phones. It has a lousy calendar and lousy memopad. It has a stupid Java environment and a stupid little set of network services.

All I really want is a phone that can place and receive calls and that I can sync with my Mac with iSync. GPRS would be nice, but only if I have Bluetooth so I can connect my Mac to the net with the phone. I have no interest in a camera or music player. Text messaging is equally uninteresting to me.

I settled for the Motorola v180, which seems like a decent phone for my needs. It was free with a new contract, and I can tolerate that. I’m thinking I’d like a Sony Ericsson T616, but I think it will probably end up being too expensive, unless I find one used.

While looking for a new phone, I’ve found that people are really, really opinionated about what phones they like and dislike. The same goes for providers. People who normally just sit around and chat pleasantly start cursing wildly when you suggest that maybe the Motorola menu system isn’t so bad. I just can’t get that into my phone. I liked my last one, a Nokia 8290, but it was just a phone.

Maybe when I can get an phone that runs Cocoa apps, holds a few gigs of music, provides high-speed TCP/IP… maybe then I’ll be excited about it.

…and speaking of Cocoa apps that I want in my pocket, wtf is up with Tiger’s new Calculator.app? It has an RPN mode, but no stack display!

Written on April 30, 2005