fooding in florida

written: 2005-04-22 18:19

Gloria and I are in Florida. We got here around noon on Wednesday, and have done a lot of driving around and shopping and eating. Tonight we’ll go to a barbeque, and tomorrow we’ll go to Jen’s wedding, at the beach.

I haven’t really gotten much done, although I had meant to try to use this time away from work to my advantage. I finished listening to Life of Pi, and the ending was very satisfying. I was moved, despite myself. I’ve been reading in Higher-Order Perl again, and it remains really, really good. I find when I begin any given chapter, I can go through it very rapidly, thinking, “I know this stuff! I’m great!” As I get further on in the chapter, though, it takes me five minute or more to read a single page, as I slowly work my way, step by step, through the code. It speaks to the book’s quality that I must carefully think about fifteen line samples of code and that, when I find I understand it, I feel really excited.

Yesterday, we ate at a Thai buffet and a upscale Greek restaurant. I had padh thai, chicken cashew, red snapper with feta, bread pudding, kataifi, and spring rolls. Today, I had a really good Cuban sandwich and some Nutella on a piece of bread. When we get home, I will have to really return to sane eating.

The one thing I have accomplished is adding an offline mode to my journal-posting script. I can write more than one entry and let them sit in a spool until the script can post. It’s got a number of problems that I can already see – they’ll crop up if I ever go offline while posting. Also, there are some silly theoretical race conditions and, as you can see, it doesn’t properly use the writing date as the posting date.

Whatever! It lets me keep writing entries while I’m in the internet diaspora. I should buy my father in law a wireless router.

Written on April 24, 2005
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