reviews, rewards, relaxation

I just finished writing some short, so-so reviews on the page. Dave Cross mentioned that someone at O’Reilly felt that the UG program was underused, so I’m going to try to use it. I’ll see if I can’t get some of the other guys to express some opinions on the books, and see if there aren’t any nice books coming out for review soon. (This summer, at least, I can try to get a review copy of Simon’s new Advanced Perl Programming.)

Today, at work, I was told I’d been put in for recognition for good work. That’s always nice. Apparently there are several possible rewards at several levels. I thought I knew the whole system, but it seems that one reward is more or less “Lunch with the General Manager.” Weird! I have nearly never spoken with the guy in the several years he’s been with the company, but he’ll be watching me eat dolmas on Thursday. I rarely feel unable to converse with anyone, so I’m not worried that I’m going to make an ass of myself or anything.

That said, the last time I recall being taken to lunch by a department head was my last day working at BU. I hope this is not a portent. (Then again, speaking of portents, today the newspaper ran an advice column that suggested that people cling to abusive jobs the way they cling to abusive lovers. More than once in the past few years I have joked, “[My employer] only hits me because he loves me!”

I haven’t done too much else this evening, though. I watched a little TV, played with the piggies (who are, right now, making a lot of noise) and did a little reading. Tomorrow I hope to get back to work, coding. Sciral Consistency tells me that I’d better do some work on Rubric, and that sounds like decent advice.

Written on March 16, 2005