momma cavy, mortal kombat, and more math::calculator

Gloria and I had been worrying about how to find a playmate for Snoozer. Snoozer seemed pretty despondent. She just hung out in her pipe and if she came out at all it was while we weren’t looking.

Today, the woman from whom we adopted Snoozer let us know that we could adopt Snoozer’s mother immediately. She’d been on maternity watch, but if she has babies we can take care of them until they’re weaned. (We don’t think she’s pregnant, but we’ll find out!) So, Gloria braved today’s absolutely horrible weather to return to Slatington and bring home Snoozer’s mom. Snoozer and Wookie are now living together and doing a lot of chatting. From what I can tell, Snoozer is being much less secluded. She wanders out of her pipe a little, she seems to be eating some orange, and it’s just fun to watch them run around and wheek.

Wookie is a little harder to catch than Snoozer, but once she’s up she seems pretty content to be stroked. We still haven’t seen them drink from the water bottle! Google is proving to be really useful for finding a lot of opinions on this kind of thing, and it seems like it’s not too unusual for a bottle to stay pretty full if they’re eating fruit. Still, it would be nice to be reassured…

Jay came by tonight for dinner and some video games. Mortal Kombat: Deception came from GameFly, so we gave that a go. It was OK. I’m just not very excited about fighters anymore. They’re all too complicated. I liked it better when a normal person could know most of the moves for most of the characters. I’m finding my taste for video games becoming more rarified. I want simple, fun, innovative games that I can pick up for a while and put down indefinitely.

The other game I have right now is Sly 2, though, and that’s loads of fun.

Jay is still working on Math::Calculator implementation. I decided to give him a new set of tests to work against, working him from some simple functions to functions on more complicated structures. Maybe tomorrow I’ll work him back up to objects.

Also tomorrow: I start Spanish I. I haven’t picked up my book(s), and I don’t know exactly where the class is, so I guess I’ll want to get there early. Hopefully the roads will be clear, the texts will be cheap, and the class will be good.

Written on March 9, 2005