cinema, sly, and snoozer

Yesterday, we went to the movie theater to see Million Dollar Baby. It was a really good movie. Clint Eastwood is The Best. Unforunately, the other moviegoers were sorely lacking in manners. The woman beside us was, it seemed, instant messaging someone on her phone. It was making keypad beeps and glowing a bright blue. The guy behind us kept tapping his feet to some unheard syncopation. A few people kept explaining scenes to each other. (“He said he likes PIE!!”) I really wanted to be polite and ask these people to behave, but I felt that if I did, and they said no, I would be unable to restrain myself from smacking them around.

Gloria saw that I was angry and decided to soothe my nerves by making buttermilk biscuits. They were awesome, especially with some jam and honey. I sure do like biscuits!

I also killed some time after the movie (and this morning) playing Sly 2, the sequel to Sly Cooper for PlayStation 2. I really liked Sly Cooper, and I really like Sly 2. The characters are all fairly interesting, the visuals are distinctive and attractive, and the voice work is great. I’m just not feeilng very into video games, lately. If I was, this game would be a big time sink.

I’ve been doing a little more coding at home, and I’m hoping that this will pick up some more in the next week. I did a little work on Math::Calculator, which is sort of weird, since it isn’t anything more than a toy, yet. Tomorrow Jay will begin working on implementing the multi-stack features, and I’m interested to see how that goes.

I’ll be doing some uninteresting template writing and attachment handling. Thankfully, I think I now have all the annoying bits for attachments finished. I just need to write a (simple) attachment downlaod script and then I can start putting attachments all over the place in our spec process. This may or may not be a good thing.

In other news, we went out to Slatington today and picked up our very first guinea pig! We have named her Snoozer, and she is tiny and cute. She’s a five week old brown and orange Abyssinian (I think), and she has the whole caviary to herself, right now.

We’ll be giving her a friend to play with soon, though. In the meantime, we’re both being nervous parents. I haven’t seen her use the water bottle, yet, so I’m worried about whether she knows how. There was one at her old cage, though, so I think she must. She’s very skittish, which is to be expected, and we’re trying to hold her enough to get her used to us, but not so much that she gets traumatized. It’s hard to know what’s appropriate. So far, anyway, she has not peed on us, and that’s good.

I hope that by tomorrow she feels OK being somewhere other than in her PVC pipe. Also, that she starts pooping somewhere other than her PVC pipe!

Written on March 7, 2005