sick on vacation

Today is my second day off from work. It’s dumb to work between Christmas and New Year’s, and my intention is not to do it again.

Unfortunately, I’m sick. I have a head cold, which isn’t horribly incapacitating or anything, but it’s not pleasant. Breathing is weird, I’m not sleeping very well, and I don’t feel like I can concentrate. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Golf, which has been fun, but I’d meant to do more reading and get some Halo 2 practice in. Anyway, it’s not the worst thing ever, but I’d rather have been sick during a work week.

Gloria and I watched Stagecoach, which was pretty good, considering it was a John Wayne western. We also watched Citizen Kane, which I hadn’t seen in at least ten years. It was good, too. I like Orson Welles, and am wondering whether I can train myself to always speak like him.

I’ve begun reading Less Than Zero, and I’m enjoying it; it reminds me quite a bit of American Psycho, which makes sense, since it’s the same author. I also read Invincible (the first trade paperback) and enjoyed it quite a lot. It was too short!

Newly received loot:

  • book: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (trade paperback)
  • dvd: Invader Zim, Volume 3
  • book: Invincible: Family Matters (trade paperback)
  • book: Fletch
  • cd: a mix of songs with Jesus in the title or lyrics
Written on December 28, 2004