lousy things from the entertainment industry

Racing Stripes - a young girl decides to jockey a zebra, and rides it to victory. Featuring Steve Harvey and David Spade as the voices of horseflies, one of whom swims around in a human’s coffee, farting. At the Snicket movie, also lousy, the audience laughed.

Silent Hill 4 - what the hell? Silent Hill 2 was tolerable, and had its moments. Silent Hill 4 seems to have all of 2’s shortcomings, and then some. The first-person bits are incredibly awkward and, well, just stupid. People should read The Craft of Adventure before writing adventure games, unless they already get it. Or, more concisely, they shouldn’t write games unless they get it. Why are they failing to learn from the lessons of twenty years ago?

Less Than Zero - the movie, that is. I haven’t seen the movie, but I finished the book today. As I neared the end, I wasn’t sure whether I liked it (although it was clearly good), but the last few pages really cinched it. Less Than Zero was a great book. I didn’t realize that there was a movie until someone else mentioned it. Reading the plot summaries makes it pretty clear that the movie just takes the characters and puts them in a typical Hollywood movie. It would’ve been better to not make the movie. Maybe they could’ve made a short television ad for the book instead. Maybe someday I’ll watch it, but not until I’ve finished digesting the book.

Today we went to Whitehall and did some shopping. I tried to pick something out on which to spend our Barnes and Noble gift certificate, but I couldn’t make up my mind. I’ll try tomorrow, when I will hopefully have had a proper night’s sleep.

Written on December 30, 2004