itunes light and dark

On one hand, iTunes crashes all the time when I use it at home. On the other, it is completely awesome for use as an iPod content manager.

I just have one little problem: it uses its default sort rules too often. I have a few playlists that, when used together, make my life better.

Regular Music: genre is not X for qw(musical noise sfx …)

Good Stuff: playlist is Regular Music, rating > 3

Four-Star Mix: playlist is Good Stuff, limit to 16 hours, choose by least recently played (yes, this gets five-star, too)

Three-Star Mix: playlist is Regular Music, Rating = 3, limit to 8 hours, choose by least recently played

Radio RJBS: playlist is Four-Star Mix OR playlist is Three-Star Mix

So, this makes Radio RJBS an awesome playlist for every day. It’s mostly music I rated 4-5 stars, with a lot of 3-star songs. At the end of the day, everything I heard gets circulated out until I’ve cycled through everything. I used to just have the 4-5 star music, but it wasn’t enough and I was getting a little tired of it. So, I added the three-star stuff and immediately noticed it was all NOTHING BUT TORI FREAKING AMOS. I was going to castrate myself in a fit of man-hate.

Then I realized that there was so much three-star music, even after sorting by least-recently played, that it was going to a next level of sorting. Since I can’t specify that second level of sorting, it used its default: by artist, then by album. I had to redefine the list to have a hard limit on last play: never played to completion, then limit to eight hours randomly. For now, that’s fine. Eventually, I’m going to have to start futzing with the definition again.

I need a setting that says, “limit to X units by SORT, then randomize.” Still, Radio RJBS is a darn rocking station. Now, if only I could mix in unrated songs and have the iPod glow blue when they were playing, so I could rate them…

Written on December 1, 2004
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