halo, rubric, and other scum

I’ve been a little depressed, and I’m not sure just why. I haven’t felt very inspired to get anything done, which was OK for relaxing but not great for … well, for getting things done.

Thursday, my day started when the author of del.icio.us showed up on IRC and told me that he was pissed about Rubric. It was pretty awkward and disheartening, although as far as I can tell it ended with him being less pissed, so that’s good for him. On that subject, if anybody feels like writing new CSS and/or templates for Rubric, you can make him happier and save me time.

I don’t remember much else from Thursday. You know, I’m not sure what all I did at all this weekend. We got Saturday breakfast at Waffle House, and it was good. We watched “The Brood,” and it was not. Six Feet Under was good, The Deer Hunter was OK, and so was Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I like Bogart, and the rest of the cast was good, too.

I picked up Halo 2, which seems lots like Halo, but better in a number of little ways. It came with a free trial Live membership, so I signed up. Tonight, I played my first few Live games, with my 15 year old cousin and his friends. It was pretty funny. There was a lot of talk about clan politics. Gloria watched me play for a while, and then sprung on me the first of my Christmas presents, quite early: a real Xbox Live starter kit. It’s got a real subscription card, which I can use to extend my subscription when my trial runs out, but also a Communicator, so I can talk to the other players in the game. I stuck it in, but mostly I just listened. I think it’ll be more useful when I play more strategic games.

Halo is one of my favorite FPS because I can be slower and more deliberate. The maps and modes we played today were fairly small and twitchy. It was a little too much like Doom. I’m looking forward to playing some maps with wide open areas and maybe some vehicles.

The kit also came with Crimson Skies, which sungo said was really good. I’ll have to give that a try, too.

Tomorrow I work again, telecommuting. I hope I can muster up some motivation, because I look at the current things on my agenda at work and I feel absolutely nothing. Not even dread or annoyance. They’re just these plain grey blocks on my mental landscape.

I’m hoping I can get back on track with Rubric before it becomes one, too. To be fair, I did get /some/ work on it done this weekend, in my attempt to get new user registration working. I want to get that working this week, since it will mean I’m ready to release 0.01. Then maybe I’ll port my blog to Rubric and see how that goes.

I guess I’m going to turn in now. I’m not really tired (even though I ate a lot of (tasty) food at Cracker Barrel tonight), but I should get some sleep.

Written on December 6, 2004