kinesis (again), notational velocity, delicious

Kinesis replied to my request for information, solving my problems. On these older Contours, (Keymap,PrintScn) is not Windows. Instead, I need (Keymap,H). That works, so I can now correctly map keys using the keyboard’s own remappability. I’ve removed (again) my scancode registry entry, and am going to give things another go!

I downloaded Notational Velocity this weekend, and started putting todo items in it. “This will be awesome,” I thought. “I can just type ‘todo work’ to find all work items or ‘todo nabokov’ to find both the Nabokov book I want to read and the paper I have to write.” Well, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that NV searches incrementally by characters in the title, not word-wise like

I also wish that I could have a few NV databases, to separate things that just aren’t going to need to be searched at once, although I’m willing to accept that it might be better to have them together.

So, it sprang to mind that is really the right system for this, anyway. I can organize external notes there, and if I use Pasta I can put my own notes there, with tags. Of course that’s one more external place I’m storing my data, and I’ll want to back it up, and I’ll know it’s all public. (The “rules” on Pasta pretty much blow.)

So, I want my own private Pasta, and privacy will require my own private delicious. Casey says he’s working on one, but I think it’s sort of a side “I might finish this” project. You know, like everything I say I’m going to do. Or perhaps even more so. So, I’m thinking I’m going to have to write my own little clone for private notes. If I do, I’ll want to make them multiplexable, so that I can subscribe to both a public and private database, and can put some snippets in the public and some not.

So, what I’d have would be a set repositories for storing links and my notes on them, or just notes without a link. Does it sound like a blog? Well, that’s what it would be, I think, except that entries are one line long, and blog entries are longer. I don’t see why I should divide them in two.

Written on November 2, 2004