all-around ok day

I got up sort of early, considering I’m on vacation, but I just wasn’t tired anymore. It’s weird since I had such a hard time getting to sleep last night. I even watched the last half hour of Hypercube, which was utterly dreadful. Gloria went off to work at the yoga studio and I chilled out, poking at some code and playing a little bit of GTA. Mostly, I vegetated. When she came home, we went out to Granny McCarthy’s for lunch. As usual, it was slow, mediocre service, and too expensive. My sandwich was really quite good, though, so I forgive them. It was nice thick slices of roast beef, a nice strong Swiss cheese, and a good baugette.

At home, we did some more prep work for Thanksgiving dinner. We made the brine for the turkey and Gloria chopped things up and baked some things. Someone had called her to ask if she’d cover a power yoga course. She agreed, and decided to do an hour of kickboxing first, too. Yow! I tagged along, and did about an hour on the elliptical machines. With the extra hour (while she yoga’d), I finally managed to get some coding done! I got my two most-pressing features into Rubric: I can now have entries with no link, and entries with long bodies. I can now use Rubric as my note-taking and to-do-list system. Next up, get user account requests working, because I know Shawn S. wants them, and he’s my only confirmed customer at this point. Heh!

Getting things sped up wouldn’t be so bad, either.

After the gym, we stopped at Waffle House for dinner, which was a fine idea. I had a pork chop sandwich, which was OK, and some hash browns, which were good. Gloria’s been finishing more chopping and preparing, and I helped just a little. Mostly, I’ve been getting some more changes to Rubric made, just to make sure that the next version requires some annoying manual work again.

I need to crash! We need to start brining our turkey in about three hours, and I want to get some sleep in.

Written on November 25, 2004