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Today being Monday, I worked from home. I feel like I didn’t have a super-productive day, but I got CGI::Form::Table out there, which is going to be useful in refactoring some old work code and writing some new stuff, so that’s good. I wish the WebCore JS wasn’t so stupid about THEAD elements, but I guess I’ll get around to finding a workaround sometime.

I was at Moravian this weekend, and saw a few Roget’s thesauri, and it inspired me to want to get a good interface to one going on my computer. I remembered that mdxi had a good one going on the web, and he gave me the source. Once I saw the source data, I saw how obnoxious the data was to parse. I played around with the data a bit, putting it into an SQLite database, but then put it off until I could do some more thought into the project. Today, I headed back to Moravian and picked up a really nice thesauris, Bartlett’s Roget’s. There were one or two other Roget’s thesauri; one or two were completely mangled to be more dictionary-like, an some others just had really lacking indices. The book was about $17, and I had about $15 of credit from our purchases, so I walked out with a great thesaurus for under three bucks.

I’m a little saddened to know that the 1911 source from Project Gutenberg is far less well-edited than the modern DTE I picked up, and that a lot of the work I do will be in parsing the awfully-formatted text. Still, it’ll be a nice project, and I can probably steal a lot of Shawn’s work.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been using svn to deal with Module::Starter, and I thought I’d move some of my own code to svn. Before I set up any repositories on my CVS server, though, I figured I’d install svk. It ended up being such a big chore that I gave up. I had to install Berkeley DB 4, then svn, then SWIG, then … stuff. By about then I just didn’t care. I have svn with bdb working on my server, so I can set up a traditional svn service (with svn+ssh), and that’s good enough for now.

We went to the gym after dinner, and I finished reading the last of my Wodehouse books. I think I’m not going to order any more just yet. Five in a few weeks was good, but I think more might be overdoing it. That said, I /am/ hoping that we get the next DVD of the show soon. The previous one never arrived from Netflix, so they’ve promised to re-send it.

Written on October 5, 2004