praise be to our accountant

I called our accountant, today, to ask about my holiday availability. See, we get an extra week of paid time starting in our fifth year of employment. It’s weird: you don’t get it after five full years, but in the fifth year. So, if you’re hired in December, you only need to work for the company for about four years before you start having five extra days available. I, on the other hand, started in January of 2001.

The thing is, though, that was just my full-time start date. I really started in October of 2000, working as a temp. She told me I’d have to wait a year, but then went off and looked into things, and got back to me and let me know that my effective start date would be noted as 2000, and I’d get my extra week off starting in 2005. Awesome!

Later, she came by to give me a reimbursement for my DSL line. I told her I owed her a beer, and she said she didn’t drink, so that saves me another five bucks! What a day!

Written on October 28, 2004