goodbye gandi!

The following is a dramatization. The content has been changed to ridicule the annoying.

Tuesday morning:

	Dear Gandi:
	I filed a request to have my nameservers changed on Thursday.It's Tuesday,
	and they still haven't been updated!This is very inconvenient.

Tuesday evening:

	Dear Ricardo,
	Actualluy, the site is online.
	After this kind of change, you need to wait for the propagation delay.
	This delay can last 48-72 hours.

Wednesday morning:

	Dear Gandi:
	It's been well over 72 hours, now.I don't know what you mean, but the DNS
	servers should be:
  1. -
  2. -

Thursday morning:

	Dear Ricardo:
	Actually, the servers for are :

Thursday afternoon:

	Dear Gandi:
  1. The problem is that the IPs are wrong. Your system has the correct
  2. The TLD servers has the wrong ones.

Thursday afternoon, later:

	Dear Ricardo:
	You have to update the IP on the registry.
	Please go to our administration page / Others Functions / Nameservers records
	at Registry
	And update your reccords. 

…so, to update my records, I need to update /their/ records of my NS servers and IP, and I need to update /the TLD/ records of my NS servers and IP. This is new. It is stupid. It is not documented. It took way to long to be explained.

So, goodbye Gandi! I registered at PairNIC this morning, and hope to be transferred quickly. For reasonable (or better!) service, plus a friend at the company, six dollars more each year is a bargain.

Written on October 7, 2004