flip flopping

I used to be not allergic to cats, before I became allergic. Don’t vote for me!

We had an odd weekend. Mostly, we stayed in and relaxed. We watched six movies: Ella Enchanted, Harrison Bergeron, Ghost Story, Last House on the Left, Fear Dot Com, and something else. Most were so-so. Harrison Bergeron was enjoyable, and Ghost Story was pretty good. Apart from that, we decided it was finally time to replace our stolen car stereo. We headed over to Circuit City, but found nothing. Best Buy had just what we wanted, but only a display. They had no units in stock, and couldn’t order them. We drove home, annoyed.

What was more annoying was that Best Buy’s web site told me that I could order one for home delivery. Why couldn’t I get that delivered to them and have them call me when I could go in for an installation? It doesn’t make sense. I saw, online, that they had it in stock at their store in Montgomeryville, about 45 minutes south of here. Also in Montgomeryville is a Krispy Kreme. We decided to make a road trip! It had good and bad points. The first good point was that we got the stereo we wanted. The down side was that they said installation would have a six-hour delay. “Are there any movie theatres in walking distance?” I asked. I told the guy we’d driven down from Bethlehem.

“Well, there’s one up there, that isn’t /too/ far.” I was not reassured. Gloria wisely suggested that we take it back to our Best Buy for installation, which seemed like a great idea. At checkout, we learned that installation would not be free, which stank. Still, everything looked up when we pulled into Krispy Kreme (after passing some scary drivers on 309). Their hot donut sign wasn’t on, so we sat around for about an hour. Gloria read in The Grim Grotto, and I read in Orthodoxy (by Chesterton). So far, I don’t care for him.

The light never came on, and I finally said we should just go in. It’s good that we didn’t wait another hour: they were cleaning the machine, and I think our prospects for hot donuts were not good. Still, the donuts we got were awesome, because they were KK. Well, the glazeds were awesome, the others were just good. We also stopped at the Quakertown Family Restaurant, a diner about which I’d heard good things. You won’t hear good things about it from me. It was too expensive and not very good. Golden Gate beats it by a mile.

Today, Gloria headed to our Best Buy, and they did the installation for free, charging us only for the new wire harness. I’m looking forward to having music in the car again!

I spent a lot of the weekend playing Star Control 2, too. It was one of my favorite games when I was younger, and I played it for weeks. I remember that my cousin Andrew had it and loved it, too, and we traded information on where to find good resources. I forgot how hard it was to avoid letting your allies down. I got nearly to the end credits and put it away. I do that a lot, but since I’ve beaten this game once or twice before, I’m not so worried about it.

Instead, I’m ready to get some more coding done. Today, I hope to finish most of Class::DBI::Relationship::HasVariant, which I’ve needed for work for quite some time now. I feel like I’m starting to get a better handle on some of CDBI’s internals, although they remain really kind of weird.

Now, back to writing tests.

Written on October 11, 2004