ergonomic keyboards.

I really want to test drive a Kinesis Ergo. I hear (mostly) rave reviews, but I don’t want to buy a $250 input device, just to find that I can’t use it.

I’ve been using a Belkin split-key keyboard. It feels good, and I’ve gotten used to it, except for its horrid enter key. It has the big L-shaped enter, which puts the backslash in a stupid place. The legs are on the near side of the keyboard, to putting them down raises the near end, which is a better position.

I just raided the IT room and found two other options. The MS Natural keyboard has a better enter key, but feels squishier. Also, its legs are at the rear, and it has a (gasp!) cross-shaped set of arrow keys. WTF?! Also, it doesn’t feature the Belkin’s lovely split spacebar.

There’s also a wireless Logitech keyboard. Wireless is a plus, and it has a nice-sized enter key. The keys have a better feel than the MS keyboard, but its legs are in the wrong place.

I think I’m going to ask Kinesis if there’s a way to test drive their devices here on the east coast. I want to stop thinking about my input device and just use it.

Written on October 19, 2004