abe.pm lives... almost

Today was to be the first ABE.pm meeting in six months. I got to Lehigh just a few minutes before seven, and at ten after, I was still alone. I called Phil, who I knew was en route, and he said we probably shouldn’t expect Jim or Steve. In other words, it was just Phil and I.

I like Phil, but I was really hoping for a meeting, not just a few beers with one friend. I’m disappointed, and I’m starting to think that I should just give up and try to go to PHL.pm instead.

Still, Phil and I talked about a number of good things, including a lot of Perl stuff. Mostly I ranted about how much I’ve enjoyed using Class::DBI and writing Querylet.

I also had some beer. I had an Anchor Steam, which was as good as always, and then I decided to have a Delirium Tremens. It was fantastic. It was warm and somewhat spicy, like a slice of pumpkin pie. I told Phil to try it, and he was pretty disgusted. Still, I think I will be ordering one again, sometime.

Tonight, though, I’m going to bed. I didn’t quite finish HasVariant, but I think I might get it working tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to have it finally working, after so much hemming and hawing about implementation strategies.

Written on October 12, 2004