the great flood of oh-four

Wow. The city is under water. If you’re really interested, you can find some good before and after shots. It is really, really, crazy. I live in a river valley, but I’ve never seen flooding anywhere near this severe – and all from one night’s rain!

Gloria is in Allentown helping her employer man a booth at a holistic health expo thingie, so I spent a lot of the day walking and cycling around, taking pictures. I should have gotten quite a few more photos on my second, on-bike trip. Unfortunately, when I deleted the old pics from my first trip, they got put in the Trash on the CF card. How asinine! I need to make Mac OS X not keep trash for that card, or to empty it on eject.

Anwyay, I got quite wet toward the end, as did my bike. Unfortunately, so did my keys, and now my photon key light won’t turn off. Even more unfortunate, so did my phone. A short while after I waded through hip-deep water, my phone beeped and turned off, reminding me that I’d left it in my pocket. When I got home, it turned back on randomly and started vibrating. And it didn’t stop. The LCD is off, and it just vibrated and vibrated. Then, it started to get really hot. I’ve taken the battery out, but I think it’s probably toast. I hope I’m not punished with a crappy old replacement!

Gloria should be home pretty soon, and we’ll head out to the Greek food festival over at Saint Nick’s. I love that Greek food, and I’m gonna be ready to eat some! I skipped lunch, and I’ve had a decent amount of activity, so I’m pretty hungry. It’ll be a good cap to an interesting day.

Also, today, I got some good work done on Querylet. Querylet is my new fun piece of code to work on. I’ll write more about it later, or tomorrow. For now, I’m using it to poke about with CPANTS.

Written on September 18, 2004