the car that ate saturday

When we had our state inspection on the car, it was determined that our front struts were shot and needed to be replaced. This was an unwelcome expense, but there wasn’t anything to do but pay it. So we did! They mechanics said we ought to have the alignment checked, so today Gloria and I stopped in to the Sears Auto Center where we’d had an alignment about a month ago. They advised us that it would be about two and a half hours, so we walked well up MacArthur Road to look at a sporting goods store. When we got back, we did a good bit of sitting around, and finally about three hours after our arrival, we were told that they wanted to replace both front tires. All this was going to cost no money, but it took plenty of time. We walked over to Boston Market and had a very tasty little dinner before heading back to Sears. It was difficult to get our salesperson’s attention, so I finally looked at the stack of tickets, saw that ours was done, and told pointed one of the on-duty clerks at it. Everyone there was polite, but they don’t understand how to provide good service, I think.

Other parts of the day were less tedious. I took my broken wireless mouse to the local authorized Apple service center. I said, “My mouse is broken. I bought it here.” They found the invoice and handed me a new mouse. That was it! All my future purchases of Apple hardware will be through Double-Click Computers at the intersection of 191 and 22 here in Bethlehem! They didn’t have any LRF for my PowerBook, though.

Other events of the day: we went to the gym, had bagels for breakfast, got some ice cream, and watched Tokyo Godfathers. I played a bunch of Pikmin 2. It rules.

Written on September 5, 2004