good hirer, bad hirer

I have spoken with people who seem really smart about how to hire, and also the opposite. Names have been changed…

<Glaucon> blogs are something I wish didn't exist.  They are so self important and worthless
<Phaedo> Glaucon: oh, no doubt.
<Glaucon> That is a weed-out question in interviews :)
<Glaucon> "Do you have a blog?"  "yes"  "Thanks, we will contact you if you get the position"
<rjbs> That's dumb.
<Phaedo> I agree with rjbs.
<rjbs> Most /people/ are self-important.
<rjbs> "Are you a person?"  "Yes."  "Thanks, next!"
<Glaucon> rjbs: well, my personal experience and number of people applying for
good positions make weed out questions a must
<Glaucon> gotta reduce the numbers.
<Glaucon> most positions get 30-40 WELL qualified canidates


Written on September 3, 2004