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I just finished talking with pudge, who diagnosed the problem I was having posting to; I think I may try to rewrite the WWW::UsePerl implementation in SOAP. I think it’ll just be simpler. Maybe.

So, this entry is partly being written to see if everything works now!

I didn’t finish Number::Tolerant today, but I finished it enough to release it to the CPAN. A lot of the time was spent in writing tests, but mostly because I started off writing them inefficiently. I wrote one file worth, then copied it for the other range methods… but then I realized I had to update all of them, and I did it badly. Well, at first. After a while, I remembered how awesome Vim is, and I started leaving test snippets in registers. Vim is just so good!

Today was my ersatz Friday. Tomorrow and Monday are office holidays, so I’ll be relaxing. I’m starting by not going to the gym tonight, but I’ll go again tomorrow. I’m making a new commitment to eat out less (once a week) and go to the gym more (every other day). That’s not as hard core as I was last year, but it’s better than I’ve been. I got fat over the last three weeks. Ok, not fat, but I lost the (ugh) five pounds of progress I had finally made.

Written on July 1, 2004
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