the city of broad shoulders

I’m laid over in Chicago. I got into the airport just under an hour ago, and the gate for my next flight was directly across from my point of entry. I looked for something to eat, and the shortest line was to Uno’s. I would have been willing to stand in line longer for something better, but everything seemed pretty fatty, so I ate my tiny pizza and did my best to enjoy it. I like Uno’s crusts, and I’ve never quite understood how to describe it. It’s not quite flaky, it’s sort of powdery. But that sounds awful, and it isn’t awful.

I kept wondering whether I should take my iPod’s dock cable with me, and I finally decided, since I have a dock that will charge it. On the way here, though, I realize that I didn’t have any way to iSync any updates to my contacts or calendars. Of course, I don’t really believe that I won’t be able to get my hands on a cable at OSCON.

I’m giving Stickies another try. I’m not sure if it’ll last. OmniOutliner would be better for the way I use stickies, but I think it just won’t look good in such a small window…

Having said that, I realized it would be easy to try it out. It looks OK, I think, and would look better with a little tweaking to the font used. Unfortunately, it seems that outlines don’t save their window state with them, so it’s no good. I could write a script, I suppose. It would probably be pretty ugly, though. Maybe I can squeeze some info on that need from an OO3 beta tester. I bet I can find one of those at OSCON, too.

There’s no wireless network here, which is a shame. It seems like a pretty nice airport, I guess, and I was really hoping to have another go at releasing Module::Starter 1.25_02 – the release script failed, ealier, and I wanted to get _02 up tonight, with an aim toward getting 1.40 really done early in the week.

I’ve been reading The Unix Philosophy on the plane. So far, it’s quite good. I’d put it in the “things I already knew but am now seeing explained very well” box. I think I’ll probably finish it this week, and I’ve brought A Quarter Century of Unix to read next.

It’s about 17:25 on the east coast. Gloria probably already knows the results of her exam, but I don’t want to call because she said she’d probably be in the class until 18:00, and I have this horrible image of her phone going off while she’s being tested and distracting her. I know she’s probably got the phone in a locker somewhere, but… well, I’ll talk to her when I get to Portland!

The flight over here was really choppy. It wasn’t severe turbulence, but I spent a lot of time with my stomach doing that “you just went up and down very quickly” thing. I hope the flight to PDX is smoother. I also hope United provides the same awesome thing on their entertainment system: air traffic control. I listened to ATC chatter all the way from PHL to ORD, and it was good background noise. Now and then I listened to it, and it was pretty interesting. I have some questions for someone who understands the lingo—or, more likely, for Google.

I’m going to close up and move closer to the gate. I think we’ll be boarding in about ten minutes.

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Written on July 25, 2004