saturday in brief

I slept until around 0900, and then we relaxed for a while. Gloria read the paper, I read some news, and we just chilled out. Around 1100 we headed out for some breakfast, and decided to try breakfast at the Retro. It was pretty mediocre. I could’ve made the same myself, and there would’ve been at least one fewer crazy guy standing around asking whether anybody had ever made lasagna.

We got some ice cream. They’re celebrating “Christmas in July” at the commons, so Hedgehog had peppermint stick, which is one of the bestest flavors ever. Man, peppermint ice cream hits ths spot, even in the summer. We got a frisbee and a little rubber duck. I have a giant rubber duck at work, and I wanted a smaller one for use when travelling. I checked Moravian for Mozart’s Requiem, but they didn’t have it. They had very little Mozart at all, in fact. I would’ve looked around more, but we went there yesterday and I used my birthday-month discount to pick up Spiral (by Koji Suzuki).

We went home and relaxed some more, watching the third disc of Sex in the City, and it was good. I was happy to finally see at least one happy ending approaching as the show moves toward the end. After that we took out the recycling, dropped the trash at my parents’, and went to the rose garden to throw the frisbee around.

We are not good at throwing the frisbee. I think we’ll get better in time, though. And a better frisbee might help. This was not the biggest problem with our afternoon disc-throwing, though. The biggest problem was Gloria’s getting stung by a wasp. Well, I think it was a wasp. We didn’t actually see it. She was in a lot of pain, but she is a badass and drove us to the drug store, where we got some rhuli gel. We headed home, gave her some drugs, and ice pack, and some gel, and sat back to try and relax some more. The swelling and redness went down over the next few hours, and I think tomorrow everything should be back to normal. We’ll see!

She made some awesome pasta with pine nuts and feta, and following dinner we watched four episodes of Farscape, bringing us just one episode away from the end of season two. I think once we’ve watched that, we’ll take another little Farscape break.

Now I’m going to bed, perhaps to read a little Spiral before sleeping.

Written on July 4, 2004