long day

the wheel

We slept in today, at least until around nine, I think. We got up, did the normal morning things, and headed out to the bagelteria for some breakfast. We both had acceptable, but not fantastic bagels. I liked mine, really, but I think it would’ve been better for lunch. We got some ice cream, and on the way home I suggested that we could catch the 1300 showing of Super Size Me if we got right in the car and went.

We did so, but while we were looking for a parking space, we were attacked by a bizarre giant storm drain. If I had my camera, you’d have pictures. I need to stop keeping it in my Timbuk2, or start taking my Timbuk2 everywhere. Anyway, the road basically stopped existing just before the curb, and we did some serious bouncing up and down. Our tire blew, and our wheel got a nice little ding in it.

So, we parked and watched the movie. It was pretty good, but nothing to write home about, especially if you’ve read Fast Food Nation. That book covers everything in the movie and much, much more.

After the movie was over, we learned that our car had no tire iron. A number of nearby people tried to help us, but nobody had a tire iron that would fit the Geo’s lug nuts. Finally, though, someone reminded us that there was a nearby gas station. The guy on duty there didn’t know where the mechanics kept their irons, but he lent me a spider from his car, and we got onto the spare in no time.

We got the car over to Sears Auto a little later, after stopping by my parents’ to say goodbye to my sister. They sold us a new tire, plus another one, because the front two tires should match. They also said they’d do a check to see if we needed a realignment. I was a little annoyed, because I felt like it was certain we’d get the alignment, because they knew we wouldn’t know whether we needed it or not. Gloria very correctly reminded me that there was nothing to do but trust that they wouldn’t screw us, and I decided to take that advice. It also made me think that a lot of people probably look at computer support people the way I look at the mechanic: they don’t know what the geek does, they know the geek knows this, and they figure the guy is going to take advantage of them. I must attempt to keep this in mind!

While we waited we hit up Borders, where I saw a few things I’ll get around to reading if I ever get close to reading the stuff currently in my queue. Then we went to Boston Market, which was surprisingly good for a fast food place. It was pretty darn tasty, and I think it might have been fairly healthy, too. Of course, it probably would have been better if I’d eaten less than a half chicken, but I enjoyed it.

On the way home, we tried to get in to see I, Robot, but the show was sold out. Tomorrow we’ll definitely get out to see The Notebook, and maybe I, Robot. I think The Notebook will definitely be pretty good. I think that, at best, I, Robot will be sort of fun.

the stereo

This event reminded me of one of the things I forgot to mention in my last entry: Our car stereo got ripped off!

Gloria was heading out of the house, tuesday, to give me a lift home and found her car door open and then, worse, the dashboard pulled open! Our stereo was gone. She headed across the street to the police sub-station and started a report, and I got my boss to give me a lift home. The cop indicated that he thought they’d caught the guy, but we’re not too confident, yet, that we’ll see our stereo again.

Even if we do, it sucks.

Today, a neighbor said that another car on the block had had its stereo taken. Lame! This is Bethlehem! Who steals a car stereo? I mean… really!

Birthday Week Present: Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, and Rendezvous. It’s an album of Elvis Costello covers. I’ve only listened to two or three tracks so far, but so far, so good!

Written on July 18, 2004