independence day, inform, and introcomp

Yesterday was pretty good, but not very holidayriffic. We mostly hung out, went to the mall, watched some TV, and relaxed. We took my mom to Perkin’s for pie, and my pie (apple caramel pie) was good. I had ice cream, too. We had some corn dogs for dinner, and they were tasty.

We walked down to the office to watch the fireworks. First we got the same great location we had last year. Then a cop came by and kicked us off that side of the railroad tracks and we ended up in a lousy place. We were next to Calvin, though, an engineer at work who’s learning Perl. He gave me some bread and excellent brie. We moved again when the fireworks started, and got a good view.

The fireworks were short, but not bad. We also ate TastyKake apple pies while we waited for them to start.

Today we did much of the same. We chilled out and watched a bunch of Farscape. We’re now into season three! We watched Chaplin’s “Gold Rush,” which was awful. I just don’t understand how most silent movies were so successful. I guess that the media itself was novel enough to support crap content. The fact that movies like All Quiet on the Western Front exist show that good content was possible already, back then. I really don’t understand how this movie made the AFI top 100. I thought they were going for the best 100 movies. Maybe they were also taking influential. Meh!

This weekend I did no Perl coding, really, apart from fixing a stupid bug in Acme::ProgressBar. I did finally start writing code for my IntroComp entry, and I’m thinking it will be either (a) not quite done or (b) very buggy or (c) both by June 18. I hadn’t forgotten how quirky Inform was, but I forgot how much it would get in my way. I need to learn TADS, I think.

Written on July 6, 2004