hooray for me!

A few quick notes:

I’ve sent Jos a patch to Config::Auto to make it Do What I Want. I hope it goes through.

Today is my birthday. I have survived 25 years, possibly a full tenth of my life. Hooray for me! Gloria is taking me for super-tasty dinner at the Apollo Grill tonight. I may attempt to get Trevor to buy me a slice of pizza at lunch, too.

Of the top ten pre-ordered electronics products at Amazon, nine are Apple products. Of the top five, five are iPod minis. Wow!

Someone (we suspect it was Gloria’s dad) sent me an anonymous Amazon gift cert. (The anonymity may have been a mistake. We’re doing some research.) I’m pondering using it toward an AirPort Express. I’m not sure. I might just wait until Pikmin 2 is out. The certificate is good until 2006!

Last night I went cycling around the northeast end of city. Well, actually the northeast end of the inner part of city. I didn’t venture far into the townships. It was a good ride. I saw some neighborhoods I hadn’t seen before, and I think I did a full hour, which is better than I’ve been doing lately.

I totally failed to produce an entry for IntroComp.

Birthday Week Present (Sunday): Day of the Dead

Gloria had never seen Day of the Dead, though I’ve subjected her to Night and Dawn a number of times. We watched it Sunday. She wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t impressed when I first saw it either, and my opinion hasn’t changed much. Still, it’s good to have the whole trilogy! Zombies RULE!

Birthday Week Present (Monday): A Quarter Century of Unix Birthday Present: The UNIX Philosophy

OSCON flight reading, I think.

Written on July 20, 2004