the killing fields

death at work

We had some layoffs today. It was not fun, of course, but it was especially unfun because a number of the people laid off were among those co-workers I really like. It has driven me to eat too much. Burgers, calzones, and so on. I guess about fifteen or twenty people got escorted out, today.

I had a lot of people stopping in to ask who was gone and who was going, and so on. Mostly, I said, “I saw X and Y leaving, and that’s all I know.” This was generally true. It irritates me, though, when people expect me to share information that I only have because I work in IT. It’s like people who come to me and ask for copies of Microsoft Office! It’s just not polite or appropriate.

Between these visits, I took a moment to update my little script that watches for terminated accounts. It’s easier than looking for sad people in the halls or bugging my boss to let me know who just got walked out.

Yours to enjoy:


I’m going to miss my departed work friends. Work will be less fun.

Now, work treats me pretty well. They let me do YAPC on the clock and they’re paying for OSCON. I just don’t know how they expect to retain other people, though, who aren’t getting that kind of treatment. There is, as far as I can tell, no plan for a summer picnic. We haven’t had bagels or pasties in the morning in ages. And that’s the little stuff. Maybe the assumption is that nobody would dare leave, having been allowed to stay. Maybe that’s true.

Time will tell how this all affects me.

death on cpan

Well, ok, the death was on PAUSE. PAUSE has been down all day, and this after I decided to upload my silly List::MapList! I hope it’s up tomorrow.

I read a nice article by Simon about making modules pluggable, and I hope to make Math::Calculator pluggable soon. I need to consider the interface, because I think my current idea is questionable.

I’d like to be able to just load the “Trig” plugin and have a “cos” method appear. I know there are potential collision problems, but I think they’d be rare. Then I can move on to Math::RPN…

death on tv

I watched Death Race 2000 tonight. It was bad, but awesome. I really, really, liked a lot of it. It wasn’t afraid to be totally messed up.

I really, really, need to get cracking on my IntroComp game. Death Race is inspirational, but… I need to get working, not just thinking!

Now it is time for me to sleep.

Written on June 30, 2004
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