the end of yapc

I can’t write down today’s events in detail. I am incredibly full of pasta, and I had enough wine that it’s had some effect. Here are the basics:

I saw two talks on playing with lists. One, List::Compare, struck me as a strangely-designed but possibly useful module. The other, skip lists, seemed interesting, but not very useful for me. The talk wasn’t very compelling.

I went to the New Kwiki talk, and it was alright, but short and/or rushed. The talk itself was good.

We got some lunch at Duff’s, where they had OK wings. I had a burger. There was a lot of beer consumed, but none by me.

Damian’s talk on “sufficiently advanced technologies” was nice, didn’t deal with Perl 6, and gave me a lot of reasons to think about my code. The town hall was OK. It wasn’t very productive, I think, but I’m glad it occurred.

A lot of the guys went out for heavy drinking, but I wasn’t interested. I had a nice phone call with Gloria and then headed back to the room to see what dinner plans were. I worked on Acme::ProgressBar for a while, then we headed out for dinner. I picked a random-ish place from the list Steve produced, and it was good. I had a huge bowl of tortellini, a salad with really good dressing, and some Yellowtail shiraz. I ate too much.

Bryan’s laptop is totally messed up right now, so I’m semi-helping him troubleshoot. Pretty soon, though, I’m going to shut down, pack up, and sleep.

Written on June 19, 2004