successes and failures

So, I forgot to mention, yesterday, that I fixed our toilet. I only had to replace the flush lever, but it made me feel handy. I look forward to being able to get a house where I can do more handy things like fix stuff, break stuff, and fix the stuff I broke. Also, painting.

Another omission from yesterday’s entry: we saw Bubba Ho-tep. It was OK. I liked a lot of things about it, but I didn’t think it was the amazing experience I’d been told to expect. As usual, Bruce Campbell was great. I liked the fact that the movie took itself fairly seriously, except maybe for the scarabs.

Today we did some more relaxing, and it was good. We got breakfast at Hack’s. I had the french dip, which is like french toast, but they dip the bread in pancake batter instead of egg. I really like the french dip. We chilled out for a while, then, and I played about two hours of FM4, making some good progress. What a fantastic game! Sure, it’s just FM3 with a few (substantial) improvements, and it’s got just as many little annoyances as FM3, but it’s still awesome!

Around two fifteen, we headed to pick up Katie and Jerome. We went to Nawab and had a big lunch, concluding with this really interesting coconut dessert. It was like little squares of compressed coconut and pistachio. Man, it was good! After lunch we headed over to stand near the front of a very long line to see Farenheit 9/11. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, maybe, but basically it was good. It did the typical Michael Moore things: it was over the top, it drew occasional outrageous conclusions, and it was sometimes just silly. I wish Moore would be more focused, because I think he could be much more effective. When he says ridiculous things, he detracts from the impact of the serious things he says. Anyway, I still thought it was a good movie, and I’m significantly more horrified at our current administration than I was yesterday. Now I just want someone to make this movie about our other presidential options.

We stopped by Katie and Jerome’s after the movie and chatted for a while, and then came home to relax some more and watch a little TV. I got Parse::IRCLog into a release-safe state, although writing the documentation made me realize a few things that I’d like to refactor. I’ll do that after the first release, though.

I need to see if there’s a simple way to make a mixin for iteration in a class that isn’t a blessed array. It should be simple, and if one doesn’t exist, I think I’ll try writing one. Wheee!

Written on June 28, 2004
🐪 perl