setup for productivity

Today wasn’t exactly productive, but I think it set me up for greater productivity. I helped one of our engineers with some Perl things. We’d had another engineer who learned quite a bit of Perl and wrote some medium-sized SPC code in it. Then he left, so this guy is taking over maintenance. The code is pretty unfriendly toward being maintained, so it’s going to be fun; the guy is also learning Perl as he goes! I’m hoping I can be helpful.

One thing I did was get a copy of Perl Tidy, and I’ll put together a configuration for our project’s coding standards tomorrow and run some of my own code through it. I got a number of little bugs fixed and reports tweaked, and I did more work on this awful SQL procedure that our awful log processing software at work runs. It’s awful.

On the subject of log processing, I did some work at home on Parse::IRCLog, which I hope will be useful and released soon. I think, as I work on it, that it would be better as a grammar, but it’s a good little practice project, and it will let me feel better about releasing Kwiki::IRCMode, which currently uses about five lines of awful pseudo-parsing to do its job.

I see that there are piles of IRC logs on the Kwiki Kwiki, so it might be fun to test this out on there. Maybe. We’ll see.

Gloria and I had a little living room picnic today, with hot dogs, ice cream sammiches, melon, chips, and so forth. It was good. We watched the rest of the first season of Jeeves and Wooster, which was also good. I played some FM4, but I got caught up and continued playing when I should’ve been putting it away to picnic, which was bad. Despite my caught-up-edness, I got the game put away and dinner proceeded nicely. Ben and Jerry sure do make a nice ice cream cookie sandwich.

Anyway, that’s about it. Hopefully tomorrow will see solid accomplishments. At least it’ll see the end of the week.

Oh, and I’ll write about my recent appearance in court. That was a real hoot.

Written on June 25, 2004
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