mellow day

I got up early today and went to the gym with Gloria. I haven’t been there in about two weeks, so I was happy to do an hour worth of cardio stuff. Tomorrow maybe I’ll try to bike for an hour or so.

I had gotten this weird craving for roast beef and horseradish, but I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have that at the local bagel place. They did! I had a tasty bagel for breakfast, and it was good. We went up to the Hedgehog and got some milkshakes, which were also good. Then we came home, watched a three-part Farscape episode, and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. We took a nap, then had dinner. Then, after some more relaxing, we decided the time was ripe for cake and pie. We swung by Golden Gate, and I had an excellent slice of marble cake.

I accomplished very little today, but it was a good day!

As for my accomplishments: I beat a mission of FM4, but then got stuck on the next one. I wrote a few more tests for Parse::IRCLog and did a little research to find existing code that does the same thing. I read a chapter of Code Complete, which is not, so far, very interesting. I’m on chapter three and it still feels like I’m in the introduction. More and more I like the O’Reilly Pocket Guides. I imagine I’ll really like Code Complete once I get into the meat of it. Everyone else does.

Then again, most everyone really likes Perl Medic, but I found it only “good.” I took it in to work to suggest to the engineer who’s being crashed into Perl via maintenance programming. I really enjoy teaching Perl. I need to see what ever happened to that apprenticeship project. I wouldn’t mind learning more or teaching it. Or both!

Written on June 27, 2004
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