lazy day

I took today off, as a kind of make-up Memorial Day. Gloria and I mostly relaxed. We watched The Guru, which was pretty darn funny, and six (!) episodes of Farscape. I felt a little Farscaped out before the last two, but they were Really Good episodes, so I’m glad we pressed on. Only two more to go and we’ll be through the first season!

We had cake for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, and corn on the cob, fries, and (fake) hamburgers for dinner. It definitely made up for missing Memorial Day.

I did some work on my little script to generate a muttrc, to make keeping my list of mailing lists and vendors up to date. Now that it’s done, though, I feel like the whole thing still requires too much maintenance. I’m especially irked that I can’t just ‘make install’ on my Linux workstation, since that can’t get the aliases I want from Address Book. Still, it’s something.

Written on June 8, 2004