a mediocre progress day

Work was so-so, today. I poked a few projects with sticks, making some progress on one or two. I moved all our web applications to a newer server, exposing a number of internal distributions that really need proper Makefiles and prerequisite lists. I told my boss that it would be really convenient to make the use of CPAN.pm easier. PPM is the pits.

Tomorrow I need to get a bunch of abandonware working to power our SPC, and then I need to write a screen scraper to harvest our stock price. I don’t think Finance::Quote or any of the other modules will work with the London Exchange—but I’ll find out.

After work, I came home and dozed. I was pretty tired, for no very good reason. I played a little FM4, ate some dinner, and stared at a little code. Gloria and I ran by my parents, and I saw that my father had picked up books three and four in the Series of Unfortunate Events. I guess he liked books one and two, which I gave him for his birthday and Father’s Day. Woo!

We got some ice cream on the way home, and then watched Sunset Boulevard, which was a good, but weird, old movie. I’m not sure what it had to say, if anything. Still, I’m glad I’ve finally seen it. While we watched that, I worked on some little code things I wanted to get done. First off, Acme::ProgressBar, which I released. It’s stupid, but it makes me smile.

Then I updated my little journal-entry-posting script, so it should now post relevant entries automatically to use.perl.org; I’ll find that out shortly!

I really wanted to get a document together, tonight, to describe how to test a Wafl block module for Kwiki. That would’ve required learning how, though, and I just didn’t think I had the time, once I got to working. Maybe tomorrow. I’d like to start on Vim for Vim Users in earnest, though.

My IntroComp entry needs to be put together! The time is approaching rapidly!

Written on June 23, 2004
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