work, dinner, movie

Work was so-so today. I got some stuff done, including some things that should, I hope, fix some pretty big problems. I also took on another pretty massive project, but I feel good about my ability to make it work. I need to put together a little overview about what projects fit where in the big picture. I think there’s some confusion, even on the part of my boss. I know it’s because I haven’t bothered being really clear about how I think everything should work. In the end, nobody really needs to care but the coders. We’re the only ones who’ll see the dotted lines separating the projects.

Today was Gloria’s last day at her job. Now she is free! She got lots of hugs, a big sandwich for lunch, and some treats. She gave me one of the double fudge Yoo-Hoo’s she got, and it was darn good! I liked it much better than normal Yoo-Hoo. We weren’t very hungry, so we decided against the planned pasta. Instead, we went to Moravian, where the soup de jours included gazpacho. It was darn good! Of course, I really, really like gazpacho!

After dinner, we headed home and watched our daily Netflix movie. Today it was All Quiet on the Western Front, and it was pretty awesome. It was depressing, and long, but it was good. The film seemed a decade or two ahead of its time, and we were both really impressed. I don’t think I’d want to watch it again, but I’m really glad I’ve finally seen it.

Tomorrow will be a more upbeat classic: Singin’ in the Rain.

Written on May 21, 2004