this sucks

I’m at work, in the UK office. I am the only IT person here. I’m the only IT person in either office: it’s Memorial Day in the states and the spring bank holiday here. There are non-IT people here, but none of the people I need to talk to. I’m trying to do work things, but it’s so hard to concentrate. If I was in the US, I’d be asleep. Later, I’d be eating something suitably Memorial Day-a-licious, like corn and hot dogs. And I’d be hanging out with Gloria, relaxing on the sofa, possibly watching Farscape or Good Eats or something.

I bet Good Eats is going to have some good episodes airing, related to picnic foods. Oh! Gloria and I could get Chinese and go eat it picnic-style on Sand Island or something.

I better take a make-up Memorial day on my return.

Written on May 31, 2004